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Facing a murder charge in West Virginia comes with its own set of complexities, confusing legal jargon, and anxieties. Your rights and freedom hang in the balance. Murder charges are a serious criminal offense that can lead to life imprisonment in some cases. If you find yourself being investigated for murder or if you have been arrested under these charges, it is crucial to have a trusted and highly skilled Morgantown murder lawyer on your side.

At Crowe Law, LLC, our attorneys understand the challenging and difficult situation you have found yourself in. We provide detailed management of your case and can build a strong defense so that you can head into court with the necessary confidence and surety that your rights are being properly advocated for.

Morgantown Murder Lawyer

Murder Defined in West Virginia

Murder in West Virginia is the most severe charge an individual can face. It is classified into two separate categories. First-degree murder involves the premeditated, intentional, and malicious killing of another human being. Specific acts of first-degree murder may include killings during robbery, arson, kidnapping, or sexual assault.

Second-degree murder is defined as a killing that was not premeditated but was still acted upon in a moment of malice. Situations where this type of murder may arise include killings that happen as a result of reckless behavior or during an instance of violence.

How Crowe Law, LLC, Can Help

A murder charge is a serious legal matter. At Crowe Law, LLC, we approach each violent crime case with experienced and exceptional care. We can walk you through the various legal definitions and punishments you might find yourself facing. Our firm has the skills and experience necessary to fight these charges and advocate for your freedom.

We understand the stress and uncertainty you are feeling during this time. Our defense team is here to answer your questions and provide you with any information or advice that may pertain to your case. At Crowe Law, LLC, our passion is caring and fighting for you, our client.

You Have Rights When Accused of Murder

If you find yourself accused of murder in the state of West Virginia, you still have rights. The team at Crowe Law, LLC, can ensure that you are able to use these rights when facing felony murder charges. These rights include but are not limited to:

  • The right to question your accusers
  • The right to an experienced and trusted legal defense, no matter your financial or social standing
  • The right against incriminating yourself in your case
  • The right to produce and examine evidence to build your defense

When facing murder charges, it could prove vital to the outcome of your case to employ the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer who is aware of these rights and can ensure you receive a fair and legal trial.

West Virginia Penalties for Murder

The punishments that await those convicted of murder in West Virginia can be severe and life-altering. If the courts find you guilty of first-degree murder, it is likely you could spend the remainder of your life in prison. However, as each case is unique and comes with its own set of complexities, it is hard to determine exactly what penalties you may find yourself facing.

In general terms, most convictions of first-degree murder end in life imprisonment. Guilt of second-degree murder is punishable by a term of imprisonment lasting no less than 10 years and no more than 40. When charges are lowered to voluntary manslaughter, the penalty is no less than three years of imprisonment and no more than 15. A proficient murder attorney can work to lessen these charges, but it is prudent to know what you may be facing when you walk into trial.

Evidence to Build Your Defense

When charged with a violent crime in Morgantown, an adept lawyer can assist you in collecting the necessary evidence to support your case for innocence.

The number one piece of evidence in murder cases is establishing a credible alibi. An alibi is a statement showing that you were not at the scene of the crime at the exact time the crime occurred. This statement can take the form of photos or videos with geo locations or timestamps. Eyewitness testimony can also help convince a jury of your established alibi.

Science is another key part of the evidence. A murder attorney should be able to work with the necessary professionals to study and decipher DNA and other science-based evidence that could prove your innocence.

Other evidence that can be collected includes documents, text messages, phone records, physical evidence, and chemical tests. During your trial, your attorney can showcase this evidence in a logical and legal way as they strive toward proof of your innocence.


Q: How Much Is a Lawyer in West Virginia?

A: Due to the fact that each case is different and comes with its own set of complex matters, fees for retaining a lawyer in West Virginia can vary. It is wise to keep in mind, however, that the value of having a highly skilled and experienced lawyer who has the tools and capability to prove your innocence is worth the price for a solid defense.

Q: Which Is Worse, Negligent Homicide or Voluntary Manslaughter?

A: Because voluntary manslaughter is defined as being the direct result of reckless behavior where the killing occurred during the “heat of passion,” it is considered worse than negligent homicide. Examples of negligent homicide include leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, texting and driving that results in a fatality, or waiting too long to call 911.

Q: What Makes You Guilty of Manslaughter?

A: Anyone who commits an unlawful killing that doesn’t involve intention, premeditated harm, or an extreme disregard for life can be found guilty of manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter occurs when someone is strongly provoked and murders another human being in the heat of that provoked passion. For a “heat of passion” killing to occur, the person must not have had enough time to sufficiently “cool off” after being provoked.

Q: When Can a Killer Be Deemed Faultless for a Homicide?

A: In some cases, a lawyer can argue for a charge of justifiable or excusable homicide. A killer can be deemed faultless due to a handful of possible factors in their case. An example of this type of defense may include self-defense. If the defendant believed they were in imminent danger of death, they could employ deadly force against the person who attacked them.

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