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If you are facing serious criminal charges for crimes such as murder or homicide in Morgantown, West Virginia, then you might be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what your next steps should be. The Morgantown criminal defense lawyer at Crowe Law, LLC, can help inform you about the implications of your charges, explain the coming legal procedures, and help you build an optimal defense strategy to protect your freedom.

The legal team at Crowe Law, LLC, provides detailed and personalized case management for each client. Whether you are facing manslaughter charges or first-degree murder, our attorneys can analyze the details of your case. Then, we can either negotiate with prosecutors or defend you in the courtroom, depending on the most optimal strategy for your case.

Understanding the Differences: Homicide, Manslaughter, and Murder

Murder, manslaughter, and homicide are hefty charges in the state of West Virginia that can seriously impact the rest of an individual’s life. These three terms are related to someone dying as a result of the actions of another person or persons. However, the way the crime is classified depends on the specific details of the situation.

Homicide generally happens when an individual takes the life of another person – either legally or illegally. Manslaughter and murder are different forms of homicide. Manslaughter happens when a person accidentally or unintentionally takes the life of another person.

Murder, on the other hand, is charged if a person maliciously kills another person with intention. Murder is always illegal. A murder charge in West Virginia is more serious than a manslaughter charge. To convict a person of murder, it must be proven that the victim was killed with intent and malice.

Why Should I Hire a Morgantown Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A Morgantown criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the varying legal definitions and penalties associated with murder, manslaughter, or homicide charges. They can help individuals more deeply understand the crimes that they are facing, along with the methods needed to start fighting back against the charges.

For varying homicide charges, whether for manslaughter or murder, the severity will depend on the circumstances of the crime. A West Virginia criminal defense lawyer can help you understand the resulting penalties that you have been charged with. Your attorney can also work with the prosecutor to negotiate for lighter sentencing, depending on the case.

A knowledgeable and strategic Morgantown criminal defense lawyer, like the one at Crowe Law, LLC, can manage your case with attention to detail from start to finish. They can also help you gather all critical evidence needed to support your defense and analyze any weakness in the prosecution.

Furthermore, depending on the details of your case, they can leverage their negotiation skills outside the courtroom and their persuasion skills in the courtroom. By working with the criminal defense attorney at Crowe Law, LLC, a small and dedicated firm, you can be assured that your case is handled by a professional.

Penalties for Murder and Manslaughter Cases

The associated penalties with a West Virginia manslaughter or murder case can vary depending on factors such as the alleged defendant’s criminal record and the severity of the charges. Murder charges can vary in degree based on the extent of the defining factors, such as premeditation. It’s important to note that alleged defendants can be facing years of jail or prison and exorbitant fines. A criminal defense lawyer can help alleged defendants work toward alternative sentencing measures, such as probation.

West Virginia Bail and Bond

In West Virginia, you may be confined to jail after being arrested for a serious crime, such as manslaughter or murder. Oftentimes, you will not be afforded the opportunity to post bail under these charges.

A criminal defense attorney can help you fight for your constitutional right to have a bond, understand your bail amount and how to work with a bondsman to post your bail. This can ensure that you adequately understand all the financial implications related to bail and bond for your case. This can allow you to get out of confinement as quickly as possible.

Gathering Evidence to Support Your Murder or Manslaughter Defense

If you have been charged with a serious crime, such as manslaughter or murder, in West Virginia, working with legal professionals to collect adequate evidence to support your innocence can be key to winning your case.

If you have a credible alibi, or a statement showing that you were not at the scene of the crime at the time when the crime was committed, then ample evidence, such as photos or videos with time stamps and geolocation, can serve to prove that you were indeed not present. Further evidence, such as witness testimony, can further convince a jury of your absence during the alleged crime.

Understanding the science is a critical aspect of criminal defense strategy for charges related to murder or manslaughter. Your criminal defense attorney should work closely with experts to analyze DNA and other scientific evidence that can be utilized to prove your innocence.

An experienced Morgantown criminal defense attorney can meticulously gather and assess evidence to help prove that you did not commit the crime that you are being charged with. They can help gather expert testimony and witnesses to interview. Your attorney can also collect other evidence, such as:

  • Phone records
  • Text messages
  • Key documents
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Physical evidence
  • Chemical tests

During your hearing, your criminal defense lawyer can present this evidence in a logical manner as they work to prove your innocence. They can also cross-examine opposing witnesses to point out any weaknesses and inconsistencies in the prosecution. Gathering and analyzing such evidence can be crucial for the outcome of a Morgantown criminal defense case.

Work With an Experienced Morgantown Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with murder or manslaughter can be overwhelming and even devastating for alleged defendants. Therefore, it is critical to have a dedicated and compassionate criminal defense lawyer to protect you. Crowe Law, LLC, is here to support you during this difficult time. Whether your case involves minor or serious charges, we can work with you to get your charges reduced or even dropped. Reach out to our office today to discuss your concerns and needs regarding your case.


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